Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
Christ the Priest Province Vocations

Where we are

Our houses are located in several countries including Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Brazil, United States of America, Spain, and Italy.

Mother House:

Mexico City, Mexico

Provincial Houses:

Province of Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

Province of Felix de Jesus
Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico 

Banks, Oregon USA

Our Communities in the United States of America:

Formation Houses

Novitiate House
Long Beach, CA

Mount Angel, OR

St. Joseph Theologate
San Antonio, TX


Oxnard, CA

Hillsboro, OR

Bothell, WA

San Antonio, TX

Formation and Spiritual Direction in Seminaries

St. John’s Seminary
Camarillo, CA
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Mount Angel Seminary
St. Benedict, Oregon
Archdiocese of Portland