Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
Christ the Priest Province Vocations

"Above all contemplative, and then men of action."
-Fr. Felix de Jesús Rougier

Who we are

The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit are a Religious Congregation of men consecrated to God for the service of the Church. Living in community, called to serve as brothers, deacons, and priests.

Their mission is to extend the Reign of the Holy Spirit to all people. Their life is geared toward a call to holiness in the motto they live by, “Above all, contemplatives, then men of action.”

Their spirituality and mission asks the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit to be men of an intense life of prayer. This demands of them an intense living out of the liturgy that finds its fulfillment in the celebration of the Mass. Since Christ continues his priestly oblation in the Eucharist, fidelity to Eucharistic Adoration is a number one priority in their religious way of prayer. They live and work in community being faithful to their motto and ideal that constitutes their life and service for their local places of ministry and the Church at large. They strive to enable the people of God to develop a solid faith formation, especially in favor of priests and consecrated religious men and women thus contributing to the betterment of society.

One of the vital sources of their spirituality and mission that enables them to serve is the Spirituality of the Cross, which they embrace and live. Such spirituality consists in following Jesus, Priest and Victim, with the same characteristics that outline the virtues of the priesthood of Jesus: love, purity and sacrifice.